It was as if fate empathised with my need for a Saturday morning lie-in.

From the warmth of my own bed, a prospective candidate for Day Two’s good deed appeared right before my very eyes.

As I was scrolling through Instagram, my phone virtually resting on my nose in an attempt to keep as much of my body under the duvet as possible, I happened upon an image reposted by mrsgifletcher (AKA the real-life Wonder Woman).

Much classier than (but not entirely dissimilar from) the look rocked by Regina George in Mean Girls, these tasselled TETTA tees are made by a team of fabulous breast cancer warriors to be worn with pride as a reminder to we girls (and boys) to check our boobs!

Aside from the cute design, Lucy and Georgia’s story is inspirational and it was an absolute pleasure to pledge a contribution to such a worthy campaign.

From boobs to bake sale

Feeling motivated, I then set to work baking for my dear friend Ruth‘s coffee morning in aid of her upcoming charity work placement in Tanzania. Oh don’t worry, I am well aware of the irony. My friend is about to dedicate three months of her life providing an education for poverty-stricken children in Africa. Meanwhile, I’m here writing a blog about acts of kindness when all I have done today is pledge to buy a lovely t-shirt, bake some cupcakes and make some brews (tea and coffee, not beer). Not only that, but I could make a cup of tea blindfolded and I love baking, yet these cupcakes were the most deformed I have ever seen.

Yet somehow, I feel I must be doing something right. I was the 79th backer for TETTA‘s campaign. I guessed there were 79 sweets in the jar at my friend’s fundraiser and… so there were. A happy coincidence? I’ll leave that for you to decide.


Mary x


Ruth’s JustGiving page:

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