So far in my challenge, my acts of kindness have been aimed at specific people or causes. With that in mind, today I decided to be a little more ‘love actually’ on the cliché scale and do something completely anonymously for a total stranger.

Whilst I was in the local supermarket stocking up on emergency chocolate, I picked up a scratchcard with a top prize of £100 000. Just to clarify, I do not encourage gambling – you should only play if you can afford to lose – but I’ll occasionally slot a scratchcard inside a friend’s birthday card as an I’m-too-poor-to-buy-you-a-real-present-but-I’d-buy-you-a-big-one-if-I-could kind of gesture.

Pen and post-it note at the ready, I scribbled a short message, stuck it to the card, and posted them through the first letter box I passed.


Bizarrely, I felt myself speeding up as I walked away, as if I’d done something wrong. I know I’d be absolutely mortified if I was caught in the act, but why? Surely I should be proud to own up to my action? Then I started to panic. What if the recipient thought they were being considered a charity case and took offence? Or worse, what if they are a recovering gambling addict?!

I suppose that, even with the best will in the world, you can’t always please everyone… but it doesn’t hurt to try. At best, they could win a hefty Christmas bonus, but if nothing else, I hope it makes them smile.


Mary x


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