Thank goodness it’s Friday! And I’m now one week into my Christmas kindness blogging challenge, woohoo! To be truthful, I’m currently spending most of my time sending job applications so the days seem to have lost their definition, but there’s no harm in sharing the sense of weekend euphoria with the rest of the world.

Since graduation, sorting out my room has been a work in progress. Between moving away for university then living abroad for a year, I appear to have accumulated three times the amount of general clutter than any human could possibly need. However, the issue with spring (or more accurately, winter) cleaning is that things tend to get messy before they get tidy again… and that’s the point I usually reach before something more important comes along and I have to call it a day. So, my bedroom having looked like a ransacked clothing store for quite long enough, I decided to finally give some things away.

IMG_8460 (2)

After a hairy drive along some treacherously icy country lanes, I trundled through Clitheroe with my sack of goods in a Santa-esque fashion and donated them to the RSPCA charity shop. An animal lover and proud owner of two spaniels, I’d like to say that I carefully selected this organisation for the brilliant work it does fighting against cruelty to animals. (In reality, the bag was flipping heavy and this was the first charity shop I passed, but that’s beside the point).

Feeling physically and emotionally lighter, what better way to celebrate than… with a spot of shopping to fill up my room again! I dropped by my old work place and treated myself to some FABULOUS “Queen of Hearts” cigarette trousers. Thanks La Tete!

I’ve told myself I can only wear them once I’m no longer funemployed, but who am I kidding, it would be criminal to leave these beauties in the drawer.

Bon week-end !


Mary x

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