That’s right, it snowed! Naturally, I felt I had to name today an official snow day, i.e. an excuse to not doing anything even remotely productive. While the snowflakes were falling thick and fast, it wasn’t for long enough to reach optimum sledging/snowman building depth, so I wrapped up in my slightly-too-small reindeer hoody (with antlers, of course) and enjoyed the wintry scene from indoors. My Dad, however, seemed to have other ideas… who decides to mow the lawn on the one day of snow this year?!

IMG_8487 (1)

Reluctant to venture outside, I knew the perfect small but sweet act of kindness for today. In recent years I have definitely been slacking with my Christmas cards. Either I’ll write them but forget to send them, give them out in person so late that it’s virtually time to take down the cards and put away the decorations for another year, or I’ll just forget to write any at all.

I know some people like to complain that sending Christmas cards is bad for the environment, or that we should give the money that would be spent on them to charity instead. Since I already have a stash of cards, it’s not much worse for the environment now if I send them. And as my Mum would say, we should give the money to charity as well without depriving somebody of a card. And she’s right; there’s something special about receiving a handwritten note in the post, especially when the sender takes the time to write a thoughtful message rather than just signing their name underneath the pre-printed ‘Seasons Greetings’.

So, Christmas cards written, I think it’s time to call it a night. And who knows, I might even get round to posting them this year.


Mary x

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