Alas, another Monday. On the plus side, there’s only one more dreaded M-day until Christmas!

Working from home, I find knowing it’s the start of a new week quite motivational. But then again, I don’t have to leave the house in the morning whilst it’s still dark, de-ice the windscreen, sit in traffic for an hour only to then sit in a grey box at a computer all day. All I do is change from my nighttime into my daytime pyjamas, make a cup of tea and some hot buttered crumpets then I’m good to go!

Anyway, I digress. Christmas spirit, acts of kindness and all that jazz.

It has become increasingly apparent to me how difficult it is to be kind to people when you go virtually the whole day without seeing anyone. Oh, the joys of living in the sticks… The only time I did leave the house today was to visit my elderly Grandmother in her new care home, but that hardly counts as being kind, but rather as being human.

No. Today I decided to do a little something for my Dad. If you saw my post on Saturday, you would know that if there’s something you could possibly do to help my father, he’ll already have done it before you had any idea. So, how do you do something thoughtful for the man who leaves nothing to chance?

Because I’m insured to drive my Dad’s car (and my Dad is a generous man), he always fills the glove box with sweets and chocolates in case I get peckish. As a result, we have an ongoing joke-argument in which I tell him off for making me eat rubbish, and he protests that he only buys things because I keep eating them. I did consider being the one to fill the glove box for a change as my act for the day, but naturally there was no need since it had recently been re-stocked with Werther’s Originals and a packet of Jelly Babies. I settled instead for leaving a little message on the steering wheel for when he goes to work in the morning.


Now to try and prevent him from reading this blog and ruining the surprise…


Mary x


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