There are few ways to feel more festive than by reading a children’s Christmas story.

I was skimming though The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher, purely to check if it might be a suitable gift for my Goddaughter, of course, and not at all for my own enjoyment… I’m a grown 23-year-old adult after all…

It was absolutely lovely and funny and silly as kids’ books should be, until a particular paragraph caught me off guard and I found myself completely choked.

Feeling rotten is much worse than just feeling bad or sad. Feeling rotten is when it seems like no one else in the world understands how you’re feeling.

Even though the story is written for children, it approaches a subject which people of all ages can relate to, whether you call it depression, being down in the dumps or “feeling rotten”. And whilst Christmas for many is a time of celebration, we mustn’t forget that for others it can be extremely isolating and lonely.

talk to us

I was immediately reminded of a post I had seen on my Facebook News Feed earlier today and felt I just had to share it.

It’s okay not to be okay ๐Ÿ’™
Sometimes it’s easier talking to a stranger…
With Christmas adverts shouting about the ‘perfect’ life, this is more important than usual. The Samaritans, free call 116 123 (UK). A simple copy and paste might save a life.
Would 3 of my Facebook friends please copy this post?
#SuicideAwareness #MentalHealth #ItsGoodToTalk

It’s such a small and simple act, yet if seen at a critical moment, it could be life-saving.

Look out for each other… ๐Ÿ’™


Mary x

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