In my blog last Wednesday, I talked about going into a primary school with my Auntie to give an ESL lesson to an Italian boy struggling with Selective Mutism. Unfortunately the poor soul was stuck in bed with a fever, but this week I am pleased to report that he was fit and healthy and we were able to do some English exercises with him. Maybe the 13th isn’t so unlucky after all!

I’m not sure if it was through my ability to speak his mother tongue or just my pure goofiness, but by the end of the hour I managed to get him giggling – result! I knew the chances of him feeling comfortable enough to speak to me were very low, but the positive response and the closing high five made me believe it was all worthwhile.

On a rather unrelated note, whilst I try to take photographs daily to accompany my blog posts, naturally that was not possible today. However, in keeping with the Italian theme, I thought I would share a panorama I took earlier this year of Mount Etna in Sicily instead. And on a completely unrelated note, here’s a picture of my new festive socks. Aren’t they fun and fluffy?



Mary x

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