If you can’t feel festive and fabulous at your office Christmas party, then when can you?

Rocking a whole lot of glitter, tinsel and an elasticated waistband, I was ready for an evening of eating and dancing with the La Tete Et Tout girls.

But not before one of my favourite Christmas activities: Secret Santa. With a £10 budget, we all brought a present for an unknown recipient and swapped them around the table. I absolutely adore buying and wrapping gifts, so for me this was a present in itself. Having contributed a beautifully scented and locally sourced soy candle from Pale Barn, I was secretly hoping to receive my own gift. I did not, so, Pale Barn, feel free to send me all of your stock! All was not lost, though, since I am now the proud owner of a trio of floral body butters and two miniature bottles of flavoured gin!

I was having such a great night that I almost forgot about my act of kindness. Rummaging through my over-filled clutch, I found my pen and post-it notes and ran to the ladies’ loos to stick this on the mirror. All too often we are made to feel insignificant or worthless, so I just hoped this might remind some one that this is far from the case.


My own regret is having written ‘you LOOK beautiful’ and not ‘you ARE beautiful’, because as we all know, beauty is everything but superficial.


Mary x


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