Hello and welcome to the year Two Thousand and Eighteen!

I hate to sound cliché, but along with most other people on this planet my 2017 was defined by joyous highs, difficult lows and those bits of bobbing along in between.

My 2017

Without being mistaken for bragging – I am simply proud, happy and appreciative of the opportunities I have had this year – I would like to mention a few highlights:

  • Writing and submitting my dissertation
  • Graduating from Durham University with First Class Honours
  • Various travels visiting friends, with friends or solo including trips to London, Dublin, Tignes, Sicily and several countries across Asia.
  • Working back at La Tete Et Tout (where I was the Saturday girl when I was 18)
  • Glamping in Yorkshire for my then sister-in-law-to-be’s Hen party
  • Being a bridesmaid at my brother and now sister-in-law’s wedding
  • Persevering to get the money I was owed from a dishonest former employer
  • Seeing family at a big reunion in Surrey

Safe to say that 2017 is definitely a year to remember! Nevertheless, I can’t live on past glories forever and it’s time to embark on different journeys and face new challenges for an even better 2018. It’s hard to say right now where those might lead me; I have many ideas and potential projects but very little is set in stone. What I can do, however, is plan some of the smaller things I would like to accomplish over the next 12 months.

I love a good tick list, so I thought I would share with you some of my resolutions which can be easily completed as well as some goals I would like to work towards.

Resolutions and goals for 2018

  1. Continue blogging  (sorry folks, you’ll have to put up with me a little while longer!)
  2. Learn to play chess
  3. Relearn to do the Rubix cube (I did learn once but I’ve forgotten again)
  4. Read 50 books I have’t yet read, i.e. roughly one book per week
  5. Drink more water (and consequently less tea)
  6. Go to a concert or a show at least once every season
  7. Exercise in my post-lunch energy slump
  8. Switch off all screens at least half an hour before bed (and maybe read instead!)
  9. Take-up playing the piano again
  10. Continue making kindness an active choice (see previous blogs for reference)
  11. Watch 50 films I haven’t yet seen
  12. Finish making my recycled rag rug (it seemed like a good idea at the time!)

Now for the hard part… sticking to them!

Happy New Year!


Mary x


  1. I love your list of resolutions, though it seems one requires some modification. You may consider drinking more water AND more tea (never less). Can’t wait to hear about the books on your reading list. Happy 2018!

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    1. Thank you, happy 2018 to you too! Aaah the tea monster inside me is so happy you said this. I have read a lot of conflicting reviews on the health benefits of black tea (with milk). Since I usually drink up to 8 mugs of the stuff a day, I thought I would try to cut it down to three by drinking more water and healthier infusions as well. There is some logic to my madness!

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