Welcome to our new home, Reason To Be!

It has been two years since I launched this website so I am excited to finally be raising a glass and sharing a sliver of my news with you all.

You may have noticed a few changes around here recently. Perhaps to the wall art – we have been doing a spot of redecorating – but more likely, to the location – we have moved house!

I began my personal blog, Mary, She Wrote back in December 2017 with no direction in mind, just to see where it might take me. Quite far, it turns out. I am now in the process of completing my coaching qualification and have just launched my new venture, Reason To Be. I am passionate about helping people transform and refocus their life through the search for its individual purpose and meaning. In other words, what makes them tick.

Am I living life, or is it living me?

We often hear the phrases ‘living your best life’ and ‘live life to the full’ flung around then pinned against a wall with a hashtag. But what we should really be aiming for is a fulfilling life. In a world that is constantly speeding up when we need it to just slow down, we could do without the voice telling us that we are failing if we don’t give it 200%, one hundred per cent of the time.

Instead of worrying whether we are ‘living life to the full’, maybe we should start by asking ourselves “Am I living life at all, or is it living me?

In my coaching plans, articles, posts and sessions, I will be sharing my life purpose coaching practices and techniques to help you answer these important yet difficult questions, giving you all the life renovation tools you need.


I truly believe that the best way to refocus our outlook is with an ‘in-look’ at what we love, which is why my new blog page has been renamed and refocused as PASSION, PURPOSE, PEACE.

All my archived posts from Mary, She Wrote are still available on my website and soon to be joined by a library-load of new articles on another passion of mine – writing.

So, here’s your key, let yourself in whenever you like and make yourself home here at Reason To Be.




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