Sometimes we become so absorbed in finding the perfect gift that we lose the joy in it somewhere along the way. We forget that our gift is a sign of our appreciation for the other person, a small gesture to celebrate the adventures shared and the many more memories that are yet to be made.

Order your personalised photo books from Atelier Rosemood in time for Christmas.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune or having you running from one shop to another to find the right size. And there’s more good news – finding and giving the right present will bring you as much joy as it gives to the recipient. All it takes is asking yourself these three simple questions:

What is it that I value in this person?

How can I make this person feel valued?

What would bring me pleasure doing so?

The most valuable and valued gift I have ever given was a personalised photo book I created for my parents. I entitled it ‘The Little Book of Gratitude’ and filled it with photos and memories from my childhood to show them how much I appreciate everything they have done for me. I loved making it, they loved reading it and it now holds a permanent spot on their coffee table.

And at a time when we have to be ever more conscious of the environmental impact of our choices, it is vital that every gift given this holiday season is going to be loved, used and cherished for years to come. That is why I am thrilled to be collaborating with Rosemood to bring you a few ideas to help you create personal gifts that will warm hearts, even on the frostiest of days.

Winter Family Christmas card
Purveyors of personalised Christmas cards, photo books and foil-stamped calendars

Whether you create a personalised photo book, calendar, poster print or charity Christmas cards, you can rest assured that the paper used has been sourced responsibly and printed in line with FSC standards. The team at Atelier Rosemood proofread and quality control check every order to ensure it will be well-loved and stand the test of time, with a specialist graphic design team dedicated to optimising your design and photos for a professional finish.

On a personal level, I have been working with Rosemood for a number of years and I cannot praise them enough for the way they put their customers and employees right at the heart of what they do. They have lovely products created by talented designers and are just genuine, good eggs.

Place your order this weekend for guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas.

Keep your eye out for more sustainable and soulful Christmas gift ideas from me this weekend. And remember, if your soul is in the gift, the real gift is to your soul.


Mary x

[Disclaimer: this is not a paid ad, nor have I been sponsored or gifted anything in relation to this post.]

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